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Wondering, wandering

I sit sat my computer looking out into golden Thursday morning, with the sun dancing off of red kissed leaves. I love the morning sunshine.
I am doing a 10 minute write, just for the challenge this morning. My stiff arthritic fingers are complaining, but I an struggling to remain hopeful of this day, this week and this month. You see, I am in transition. I say that as it is sounds so positive. I recently moved and have not worked for over 2 months. I love my new area, I am glad for the move, and truly feel blessed. However, I struggle to remain hopeful in my job search. It is a small town and though it is wonderful to live in, it requires I travel a bit for work. That would not be so bad, but all I find and have contact with agency on requires much more traveling than I am comfortable doing after a busy work day. Maybe I am spoiled and/or too picky, but at my age, I feel more clear about what I am willing to do. Circumstances may dictate otherwise however.
3 more minutes,….
SO what does HOPE look like in your life? Is it blind anticipation or based a clear certainty of what is to come? I struggle to stay positive right now, though I do have a sense I will work somewhere soon (I really have to). Hope is still deep, deep within…kind of a bubble that occasionally rises up and puts a smile on my face…though circumstances do not agree at the moment

That’s my 10…

thanks for listening/readingDSC_7222



Daily Prompt: Beyond the Pale

by michelle w. on January 4, 2014

When was the last time you did something completely new and out of your element? How was it? Will you do it again?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us NEW.


I am sooooo behind…Life keeps happening and I have let this writing slide. BUT then I remember, it is not about the commitmentImage to write everyday, (though I feel strongly about doing what I say I will do). Rather , it is the actual writing again and again, learning to grapple with words, phrases, and paragraphs. I  struggle to put thoughts into words and capture them here, so I am learning to be more full of grace toward myself as I re-learn vulnerability. Vulnerability with others as I continue to reveal myself. It is new. It is hopeful. It is scary. But it is worth it.