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This old chiar

This chair
just a simple gliding rocker.
It is showing it’s age,
with worn upholstery, and
a bit of a squeak when slowly rocking.
This chair has seen me through much of life.
The ex argued when my heart was set on getting it,
he preferred leather.
I won that round.

It sat in the sunny window
in the family home.
A place of respite,
in between lesson plans
and dinner plans
with busy boys.
I sat, rocking, waiting for a son to meet his curfew.
On another sweaty summer evening,
I prayed from that chair long into the night
when one drove over the pass,
and was very late coming in
(cell phone do not work in the mountains).

I worried there over my certification exam.
I prayed there for my coming granddaughter,
and later rocked her to sleep there.
We read many a story in that rocker,
with her sitting only briefly in my lap,
then sliding down, but not away,
as the story still intrigued her

When My marriage was ending,
I cried many  nights in that chair, the slow rocking motion soothing to my troubled heart.
Upon moving to a new home, I immediately sought out and sat in that rocking chair,
an effort to make the new place feel more like home.
It eventually did.
I began to dream again,
as I watched the seasons pass,
punctuated by bird song from trees just outside.
Color returned slowly to my world.
Seasons passed, with color and
life began to feel more vivid.
Early  morning coffee and a brightly colored journal became my friend as I slowly rocked,
wrapped in a blanket
I felt warmed by the blanket and coffee
soothed by the rocking.

I ran of toward life,
the chair had to visit the storage unit for a season.
I sat in other chairs,
stylish chairs,
comfortable sofas;
yet none felt as comforting or comfortable.

Two moves later, I rediscover my old friend,
the gliding Rocker!

This chair,
this chair has seen me through alot of life.
And here I sit
Rocking slowly
listening, with a smile
to the melodic squeak.


Daily prompt: Mirror Mirror

Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror

Look in the mirror. Does the person you see match the person you feel like on the inside? How much stock do you put in appearances?


This is quite the loaded topic. Many of us would SAY, “No I focus on the person, not the facade” however, I do see many people follow and appear to put weight on  appearance.

I grew up in the era of “freedom” and the “Natural look”. As a young woman, make up was of a more natural tone, verses the more vibrant color of today.  Hair styles for males and females was long and left to fall as it would. We did base our judgements on those who were “free” (in verbiage and choices) and those “more rigid” ( in demeanor and dress). I fell on the more conservative side of things, quiet and watchful.

   The teens, or newly single, children or professionals…. in the dating world, the classroom or the workplace, we are a people who, by our behavior, focus on external appearance. Having said that, I become aware of the tendency within me to do the same, in my work world as I deal with people in pain, with my children, when I used to struggle with their clothing and hair choices.

   Today my mirror shows me a middle aged lady…I wonder if the inner values I have held for years are reflected in my face, in the smile lines or inquisitive eyes (behind the glasses). I wonder if my inner person is reflected outward. As I age, I do think that some of those earlier judgements soften down as I grow in my understanding of the things that are truly of value:   having loved ones near, and  health. In the end of things, I feelImagecharacter speaks more loudly. I strive to reflect a woman of character as the days and weeks pass

Daily Prompt: future

My birth-day is in July, and I would have passed that momentous day. July, here in Washington, is beautiful…TIME TO TRAVEL. I will be working, but the weekends are mine for the planning, the adventure. I will be outside alot, going for walks on my breaks, planning picnics, camping trips and outdoor photo shoots. I love summer here…
  Washington is …well, ….green. We come by that honestly with the many forms of rain we are “privileged” to have. However, when the sun comes out…it is GLORIOUS… and we native Washingtonians take to the highways and bi-ways in great numbers to enjoy all the richness of the outdoors. I am a quieter one, but I quietly exult in the beauty surrounding me. So by the end of July, I will be gardening, camping, hiking, walking, picnicking……..so may choices…Image

DP Blog of reputation

ImageThis is me. My reputation has been one of a quiet watcher. I suppose I am, underneath it all, I do watch to learn. I watch people and their mannerisms, to learn about them. I watch the scenery around me to allow my busy mind to relax, and to renew my spirit.

  More recently, I have become more of a participant in life, and I am so loving it. Part of a challenge I presented myself with, was begin photo blogging… I am actively learning photography, and blogging in this way.  Yes, I still watch, but it is from behind the camera lens,