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Fall changes.

I have been out learning to ride my Yamaha XT, a new challenge and adventure for me. we have been on the long straight back country roads as well as the farmland trails  with the sweet smelling, ripe corn, and  among the orchard trees. For me, Fall has typically been a time to “hunker down”, dig out the sweaters and heavier socks and cook comfort foods. At this time in my life, I am out savoring  vibrant sunsets and relishing the cool breezes blowing across my face. , as I learn a new sport.

I am celebrating  new changes in My life as the seasons change, a time of reflection, yet joyful LIFE


This is my second day down with a nasty cold. I know I should rest and take in copious amounts of juice and chicken soup but it is  90 degrees and sunny outside. This is NOT what I want to be doing right now.

I am just thinking that there never is a good time to be sick. When working hard in everyday life, a “sick”day sounds nice, for the resting part, not for the headache, clogged ears and coughing till you cry part. Being sick is not easy or fun. Our culture, and I will admit that I also am one to move and gravitate toward life’s activity. When it is denied, for any number of reason, a sadness, helplessness ensues. This is only temporary, for me, for some, it is not. Good to remember that.

So I will be a good girl and drink my OJ. , hunkering down till this releases me from it’s ugly grip, and run back into the mainstream of life. It will be with renewed appreciation for health and compassion for the ill


Rooting in

it has been a season since last writing, and I realize I miss this. I still write a daily journal , but have neglected my blog.

By way of explaination… More transitions….a large move/ job relocation to another state and the subsequent settling and “rooting in”. We still have final touches on the interior…and are currently working on getting a bit of a garden established. We put in a small citrus tree as well as potted up a few veggies, and bought small trees and flowers. I am happy to say the hibiscus, and jasmine are now blooming!!

For me, the analagies are profound. I love the anticipation of waiting for new growth, and when I see the sprouts, the buds and new growth, inside I marvel. The roots have  established, and are new sending nutrients to the plant for new life.  I am rooting in to my new home, new state and feeling the newness begin to create new life within me image

Christmas nears

Are the presents bought? Are the pantry shelves stocked? Is that bells I hear?
How did this year go so fast? Am I ready for the holidays? I feel that I need to sit and catch breath, for a few moments. My children are grown and will be with their dad this year. The hearth is clear of paper chains and stockings. I think I feel a bit sad….The months and years have moved so quickly past. I have a wonderful new man, new home and new potential career. It is indeed a year of transitions, but I find myself missing a bit of the chaos of those earlier years. Time to take a breath and create new traditions. I am in process….

Onward we go

Take a deep breath, for like it or not, we are but weeks away from Christmas itself. The tempo of life has increased, the ads yell and clamor for attention, and the radio-waves are full of Christmas songs to cheer us on
Peace on earth, goodwill to me.
May it be so……..

Seasons change


I have been wearing 2 and 3 layers of clothes, but my hands are still cold. Regardless, I joyfully go outside to turn my face toward the fall/winter sun. The sun is warm, but the air temperature is in the 30’S during the day. So crisp and so beautiful.
Seasons change, flowers come on, beautify my corner of the world, then fade, drop seed and wither….so the cycle continues. An analogy of my life, and I am old enough now to appreciate that even the transition times do not last forever….soon, new life will re-appear

Wondering, wandering

I sit sat my computer looking out into golden Thursday morning, with the sun dancing off of red kissed leaves. I love the morning sunshine.
I am doing a 10 minute write, just for the challenge this morning. My stiff arthritic fingers are complaining, but I an struggling to remain hopeful of this day, this week and this month. You see, I am in transition. I say that as it is sounds so positive. I recently moved and have not worked for over 2 months. I love my new area, I am glad for the move, and truly feel blessed. However, I struggle to remain hopeful in my job search. It is a small town and though it is wonderful to live in, it requires I travel a bit for work. That would not be so bad, but all I find and have contact with agency on requires much more traveling than I am comfortable doing after a busy work day. Maybe I am spoiled and/or too picky, but at my age, I feel more clear about what I am willing to do. Circumstances may dictate otherwise however.
3 more minutes,….
SO what does HOPE look like in your life? Is it blind anticipation or based a clear certainty of what is to come? I struggle to stay positive right now, though I do have a sense I will work somewhere soon (I really have to). Hope is still deep, deep within…kind of a bubble that occasionally rises up and puts a smile on my face…though circumstances do not agree at the moment

That’s my 10…

thanks for listening/readingDSC_7222

This old chiar

This chair
just a simple gliding rocker.
It is showing it’s age,
with worn upholstery, and
a bit of a squeak when slowly rocking.
This chair has seen me through much of life.
The ex argued when my heart was set on getting it,
he preferred leather.
I won that round.

It sat in the sunny window
in the family home.
A place of respite,
in between lesson plans
and dinner plans
with busy boys.
I sat, rocking, waiting for a son to meet his curfew.
On another sweaty summer evening,
I prayed from that chair long into the night
when one drove over the pass,
and was very late coming in
(cell phone do not work in the mountains).

I worried there over my certification exam.
I prayed there for my coming granddaughter,
and later rocked her to sleep there.
We read many a story in that rocker,
with her sitting only briefly in my lap,
then sliding down, but not away,
as the story still intrigued her

When My marriage was ending,
I cried many  nights in that chair, the slow rocking motion soothing to my troubled heart.
Upon moving to a new home, I immediately sought out and sat in that rocking chair,
an effort to make the new place feel more like home.
It eventually did.
I began to dream again,
as I watched the seasons pass,
punctuated by bird song from trees just outside.
Color returned slowly to my world.
Seasons passed, with color and
life began to feel more vivid.
Early  morning coffee and a brightly colored journal became my friend as I slowly rocked,
wrapped in a blanket
I felt warmed by the blanket and coffee
soothed by the rocking.

I ran of toward life,
the chair had to visit the storage unit for a season.
I sat in other chairs,
stylish chairs,
comfortable sofas;
yet none felt as comforting or comfortable.

Two moves later, I rediscover my old friend,
the gliding Rocker!

This chair,
this chair has seen me through alot of life.
And here I sit
Rocking slowly
listening, with a smile
to the melodic squeak.

Tunnel vision, a daily prompt

The Daily Prompt: Tunnel Vision

You’ve been given the ability to build a magical tunnel that will quickly and secretly connect your home with the location of your choice — anywhere on Earth. Where’s the other end of your tunnel?

For me, a quiet place near the ocean. Trees would be involved, mainly to hold my mesh-like hammock (softness is required). I think I would love to have vintage type shelving nestled in the hidden recesses of tall, leafy trees. Here would my reading books and scrapbooks of family photos.
On a rising dune in walking distance would be a home with floor to ceiling windows facing the ocean, which would house my extended family when they choose to visit. Within this home would be the comforts of a fireplace, fleece blankets to curl up with on cool evenings, o and Andirondek chairs on the wrap around porch and of course a lovely flower garden.