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Dawning of a new day, and the birth of a New Year.
I tend to become introspective this time of year as I review my calendar which has important appointments and events I want to remember. I tend to forget all that I was able to do, so this is a good exercise for me. I find gratefulness emerges quietly, much like dawn.



Walking in to other people’s homes is like walking into their sanctuary. It is their haven, yet, here am I. The agreement is that I am allowed in as a potential buyer, they as a seller, yet it still seems so audacious to look at their closets and laundry rooms, in the kitchen cabinets and back yard shed.  Laundry rooms are not a usual place to see when visiting others, so it now becomes personal. I walk gently, tenderly opening, closing drawers, so as not to disturb the contents, looking quickly into rooms, just enough to inform myself of the general make-up, but not to intrude.

I dream of possibilities as I look, imagine my sofa in that corner and hot coffee out on their deck. My mind is a whirl with ideas and potential. I could paint walls, plant lilacs, lay down different carpet, put up sheer billowy curtains and…..well I need to first decide if I want this house.


I DSC_1459_edited-1   I remember an old song…

“I love to go a wandering

along the mountain trek,

And as I go, I love to sing

with backpack on my back”


We used to sing that at the top of our lungs as kids. I just remembered it this last weekend as R. and I went up a forestry service road to an amazing vista! Pictures cannot capture the awesome splendor as I stood in silence and awe. However, here is a picture. May it grant you an awesome sense of wonder.

DSC_0764_edited-1 DSC_0208 (2)

Beauty in the middle of mundane.

The roses have graced my table since Valentines, and even in the dying, their aroma lingers. The tips are tinged with black, yet the velvet deep red continues to radiate a quiet, continuous devotion, not unlike the giver. The rain outside my window today kept many indoors, but the coolness bit my cheeks and the quietness rang in my ears.  The rain dripped from my hood… yet tiny buds are pushing their way though dirt. I catch my breath in anticipation of new vibrant beauty in the not so distant future. As I turn toward home, I hear bird song……another the testimony that earth awakens.