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I like photography as a way of viewing my corner of the world.

Old becoming new

How many days and how many miles between writings? too numerous and too embarrassed to say. I still love to write, but have found other venues to do my daily writing… I have reverted back to  hand writing in daily journals. It is an old old habit, one I started as a girl. I find having a tangible object in my lap with my morning coffee to be soothing in these last few years, through new locations and new choice, I return to older ways

Updating me: I am in a new state, in a new job and feel like a new woman. Cold weather was becoming too hard, and the recruitment to a new state was too inviting to ignore.. With a bit of trepidation, I followed the man, and have been quite pleased that I did, on many counts, not the least of which is awesome weather celebrating warmer temperatures

The old has become new. Yippee!


Windows/The breeze

I love to sit and reflect in this little corner.

The window,is open, my favorite gauzy curtains billow, and daydreams waft through my head. The breeze lifts strands of hair and cool me. I ponder, for these few moments, what my next task will be. For now, I just,will enjoy this peaceful Moment


I have a tendency toward being hopeful.  A number of years ago, I was going through a  desperate time, and feeling care weary. I walked with stooped shoulders, smiled tightly on cue, but I was a shell. I am a person of Faith, but I felt I was just barely hanging on. I was walking through corridors of my, place of business and  in my head I ” heard”  one word…….HOPE, so startling to me, that I literally looked up to see who was talking. Now  the definition of hope for me is ” the confident expectation of things yet unseen” vs just wishful thinking. I knew wishing myself out of that place was ,useless…but I truly believe that “voice” was My Heavenly Father” reseting  my vision of myself and my life.  For that I am grateful. It has not been easy journey, but it has been good

Fall changes.

I have been out learning to ride my Yamaha XT, a new challenge and adventure for me. we have been on the long straight back country roads as well as the farmland trails  with the sweet smelling, ripe corn, and  among the orchard trees. For me, Fall has typically been a time to “hunker down”, dig out the sweaters and heavier socks and cook comfort foods. At this time in my life, I am out savoring  vibrant sunsets and relishing the cool breezes blowing across my face. , as I learn a new sport.

I am celebrating  new changes in My life as the seasons change, a time of reflection, yet joyful LIFE


This is my second day down with a nasty cold. I know I should rest and take in copious amounts of juice and chicken soup but it is  90 degrees and sunny outside. This is NOT what I want to be doing right now.

I am just thinking that there never is a good time to be sick. When working hard in everyday life, a “sick”day sounds nice, for the resting part, not for the headache, clogged ears and coughing till you cry part. Being sick is not easy or fun. Our culture, and I will admit that I also am one to move and gravitate toward life’s activity. When it is denied, for any number of reason, a sadness, helplessness ensues. This is only temporary, for me, for some, it is not. Good to remember that.

So I will be a good girl and drink my OJ. , hunkering down till this releases me from it’s ugly grip, and run back into the mainstream of life. It will be with renewed appreciation for health and compassion for the ill


Rooting in

it has been a season since last writing, and I realize I miss this. I still write a daily journal , but have neglected my blog.

By way of explaination… More transitions….a large move/ job relocation to another state and the subsequent settling and “rooting in”. We still have final touches on the interior…and are currently working on getting a bit of a garden established. We put in a small citrus tree as well as potted up a few veggies, and bought small trees and flowers. I am happy to say the hibiscus, and jasmine are now blooming!!

For me, the analagies are profound. I love the anticipation of waiting for new growth, and when I see the sprouts, the buds and new growth, inside I marvel. The roots have  established, and are new sending nutrients to the plant for new life.  I am rooting in to my new home, new state and feeling the newness begin to create new life within me image




Dawning of a new day, and the birth of a New Year.
I tend to become introspective this time of year as I review my calendar which has important appointments and events I want to remember. I tend to forget all that I was able to do, so this is a good exercise for me. I find gratefulness emerges quietly, much like dawn.

Christmas nears

Are the presents bought? Are the pantry shelves stocked? Is that bells I hear?
How did this year go so fast? Am I ready for the holidays? I feel that I need to sit and catch breath, for a few moments. My children are grown and will be with their dad this year. The hearth is clear of paper chains and stockings. I think I feel a bit sad….The months and years have moved so quickly past. I have a wonderful new man, new home and new potential career. It is indeed a year of transitions, but I find myself missing a bit of the chaos of those earlier years. Time to take a breath and create new traditions. I am in process….

Onward we go

Take a deep breath, for like it or not, we are but weeks away from Christmas itself. The tempo of life has increased, the ads yell and clamor for attention, and the radio-waves are full of Christmas songs to cheer us on
Peace on earth, goodwill to me.
May it be so……..