I have a tendency toward being hopeful.  A number of years ago, I was going through a  desperate time, and feeling care weary. I walked with stooped shoulders, smiled tightly on cue, but I was a shell. I am a person of Faith, but I felt I was just barely hanging on. I was walking through corridors of my, place of business and  in my head I ” heard”  one word…….HOPE, so startling to me, that I literally looked up to see who was talking. Now  the definition of hope for me is ” the confident expectation of things yet unseen” vs just wishful thinking. I knew wishing myself out of that place was ,useless…but I truly believe that “voice” was My Heavenly Father” reseting  my vision of myself and my life.  For that I am grateful. It has not been easy journey, but it has been good


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