Windows/The breeze

I love to sit and reflect in this little corner.

The window,is open, my favorite gauzy curtains billow, and daydreams waft through my head. The breeze lifts strands of hair and cool me. I ponder, for these few moments, what my next task will be. For now, I just,will enjoy this peaceful Moment



I have a tendency toward being hopeful.  A number of years ago, I was going through a  desperate time, and feeling care weary. I walked with stooped shoulders, smiled tightly on cue, but I was a shell. I am a person of Faith, but I felt I was just barely hanging on. I was walking through corridors of my, place of business and  in my head I ” heard”  one word…….HOPE, so startling to me, that I literally looked up to see who was talking. Now  the definition of hope for me is ” the confident expectation of things yet unseen” vs just wishful thinking. I knew wishing myself out of that place was ,useless…but I truly believe that “voice” was My Heavenly Father” reseting  my vision of myself and my life.  For that I am grateful. It has not been easy journey, but it has been good