This is my second day down with a nasty cold. I know I should rest and take in copious amounts of juice and chicken soup but it is  90 degrees and sunny outside. This is NOT what I want to be doing right now.

I am just thinking that there never is a good time to be sick. When working hard in everyday life, a “sick”day sounds nice, for the resting part, not for the headache, clogged ears and coughing till you cry part. Being sick is not easy or fun. Our culture, and I will admit that I also am one to move and gravitate toward life’s activity. When it is denied, for any number of reason, a sadness, helplessness ensues. This is only temporary, for me, for some, it is not. Good to remember that.

So I will be a good girl and drink my OJ. , hunkering down till this releases me from it’s ugly grip, and run back into the mainstream of life. It will be with renewed appreciation for health and compassion for the ill



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