Onward we go

Take a deep breath, for like it or not, we are but weeks away from Christmas itself. The tempo of life has increased, the ads yell and clamor for attention, and the radio-waves are full of Christmas songs to cheer us on
Peace on earth, goodwill to me.
May it be so……..


Seasons change


I have been wearing 2 and 3 layers of clothes, but my hands are still cold. Regardless, I joyfully go outside to turn my face toward the fall/winter sun. The sun is warm, but the air temperature is in the 30’S during the day. So crisp and so beautiful.
Seasons change, flowers come on, beautify my corner of the world, then fade, drop seed and wither….so the cycle continues. An analogy of my life, and I am old enough now to appreciate that even the transition times do not last forever….soon, new life will re-appear