Wondering, wandering

I sit sat my computer looking out into golden Thursday morning, with the sun dancing off of red kissed leaves. I love the morning sunshine.
I am doing a 10 minute write, just for the challenge this morning. My stiff arthritic fingers are complaining, but I an struggling to remain hopeful of this day, this week and this month. You see, I am in transition. I say that as it is sounds so positive. I recently moved and have not worked for over 2 months. I love my new area, I am glad for the move, and truly feel blessed. However, I struggle to remain hopeful in my job search. It is a small town and though it is wonderful to live in, it requires I travel a bit for work. That would not be so bad, but all I find and have contact with agency on requires much more traveling than I am comfortable doing after a busy work day. Maybe I am spoiled and/or too picky, but at my age, I feel more clear about what I am willing to do. Circumstances may dictate otherwise however.
3 more minutes,….
SO what does HOPE look like in your life? Is it blind anticipation or based a clear certainty of what is to come? I struggle to stay positive right now, though I do have a sense I will work somewhere soon (I really have to). Hope is still deep, deep within…kind of a bubble that occasionally rises up and puts a smile on my face…though circumstances do not agree at the moment

That’s my 10…

thanks for listening/readingDSC_7222