This old chiar

This chair
just a simple gliding rocker.
It is showing it’s age,
with worn upholstery, and
a bit of a squeak when slowly rocking.
This chair has seen me through much of life.
The ex argued when my heart was set on getting it,
he preferred leather.
I won that round.

It sat in the sunny window
in the family home.
A place of respite,
in between lesson plans
and dinner plans
with busy boys.
I sat, rocking, waiting for a son to meet his curfew.
On another sweaty summer evening,
I prayed from that chair long into the night
when one drove over the pass,
and was very late coming in
(cell phone do not work in the mountains).

I worried there over my certification exam.
I prayed there for my coming granddaughter,
and later rocked her to sleep there.
We read many a story in that rocker,
with her sitting only briefly in my lap,
then sliding down, but not away,
as the story still intrigued her

When My marriage was ending,
I cried many  nights in that chair, the slow rocking motion soothing to my troubled heart.
Upon moving to a new home, I immediately sought out and sat in that rocking chair,
an effort to make the new place feel more like home.
It eventually did.
I began to dream again,
as I watched the seasons pass,
punctuated by bird song from trees just outside.
Color returned slowly to my world.
Seasons passed, with color and
life began to feel more vivid.
Early  morning coffee and a brightly colored journal became my friend as I slowly rocked,
wrapped in a blanket
I felt warmed by the blanket and coffee
soothed by the rocking.

I ran of toward life,
the chair had to visit the storage unit for a season.
I sat in other chairs,
stylish chairs,
comfortable sofas;
yet none felt as comforting or comfortable.

Two moves later, I rediscover my old friend,
the gliding Rocker!

This chair,
this chair has seen me through alot of life.
And here I sit
Rocking slowly
listening, with a smile
to the melodic squeak.


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