The silent Ride

MY morning bike ride…a quiet oasis before the days events take time attention. It is peaceful out here, in these pre-dawn moments. A few early to work folks pull their cars out of driveways with headlights that momentarily startle, nevertheless I bike on. Muscles work, breath becomes deeper and a bit more labored, coming in sharp bursts of  steam as I exhale into the freezing air.  The dark is becoming more light to the east as I pull back onto my street. I smile. Despite the hard start, braving cold as I emerge from my warm cocoon of the bed. It is good to be up and about, and though tired, I feel more rested, peaceful


 Daily prompt:

Tell us all about the anticipation and delight of eating your favorite dessert.

  Mmmmm a tasty one!

  About the age of 10, my mother started me baking, and one of my weekend jobs was to bake cookies, cake etc for the upcoming week, for my siblings lunches and for after school snacks. So, suffice it to say, I still have a  tendancy to want to err on the side of sweets when given a chance. I won’t blame it on anyone but me,but when I have folks around,I am baking. My tastes have expanded, but I do have that default.


  I thin the best things are fresh…freshly baked bread, our family home made strawberry pie (or raspberry, blackberry) I think I love the fresh berries best. They come already sweetened by the sun and just biting into one is like a summer day, a slow sweetness to be savored. My home made pies take little sugar,  none of that store bought “goo” for me, just berries, a bit of sugar, lemon juice and pop them into home made pie crust. Mmmmm

Here it comes


Soooo. here we go again….Spring ahead!

   As a youngster, I never did understand why it was necessary. As an adult, I may know the rationale, but I still wonder why it is necessary. However, it is what most states still do, so we “lose an hour of sleep” and gain some daylight. Really? what is wrong with just taking time as it comes?

DSC_0764_edited-1 DSC_0208 (2)

Beauty in the middle of mundane.

The roses have graced my table since Valentines, and even in the dying, their aroma lingers. The tips are tinged with black, yet the velvet deep red continues to radiate a quiet, continuous devotion, not unlike the giver. The rain outside my window today kept many indoors, but the coolness bit my cheeks and the quietness rang in my ears.  The rain dripped from my hood… yet tiny buds are pushing their way though dirt. I catch my breath in anticipation of new vibrant beauty in the not so distant future. As I turn toward home, I hear bird song……another the testimony that earth awakens.