Daily prompt: Mirror Mirror

Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror

Look in the mirror. Does the person you see match the person you feel like on the inside? How much stock do you put in appearances?


This is quite the loaded topic. Many of us would SAY, “No I focus on the person, not the facade” however, I do see many people follow and appear to put weight on  appearance.

I grew up in the era of “freedom” and the “Natural look”. As a young woman, make up was of a more natural tone, verses the more vibrant color of today.  Hair styles for males and females was long and left to fall as it would. We did base our judgements on those who were “free” (in verbiage and choices) and those “more rigid” ( in demeanor and dress). I fell on the more conservative side of things, quiet and watchful.

   The teens, or newly single, children or professionals…. in the dating world, the classroom or the workplace, we are a people who, by our behavior, focus on external appearance. Having said that, I become aware of the tendency within me to do the same, in my work world as I deal with people in pain, with my children, when I used to struggle with their clothing and hair choices.

   Today my mirror shows me a middle aged lady…I wonder if the inner values I have held for years are reflected in my face, in the smile lines or inquisitive eyes (behind the glasses). I wonder if my inner person is reflected outward. As I age, I do think that some of those earlier judgements soften down as I grow in my understanding of the things that are truly of value:   having loved ones near, and  health. In the end of things, I feelImagecharacter speaks more loudly. I strive to reflect a woman of character as the days and weeks pass


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