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Daily Prompt: BFFs

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from the person you’re the closest to?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us FRIENDS.

Unconditional love.

This sweet friend loved me as I was/am. She accepted my awkwardness, me shyness and halting attempts to participate[ as I was wrangling with demons from my past. She included me in, opened her heart and home, listened and loved. Here she is hugging me after her January wedding that we got to snowshoe into to participate with her in a sweet ceremony. Her lively, loving manner opened doors for me to accept my situation and myself. I will always be thankfulImage



Daily Prompt: barriers


Daily Prompt: Obstacle Course

 January 27, 2014

Think about what you wanted to accomplish last week. Did you? What are the things that hold you back from doing everything you’d like to do?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us BARRIERS.





Barriers…..barriers of my own making that bar me from those aspirations, hopes that lie hidden deep within me.

   As I piece my life together, I find, many times, that I am” my own worst enemy,” to grab an oft used parental phrase. Fear is a common one. At the moment I am contemplating choosing another locale for my profession. I love the work I do, but the  work environment has/is changing, and not in ways I care for. Nevertheless, I feel I shall not complain, unless I am willing to do something about. Complaints get nowhere. So I decided to begin the job inquiry stage in my chosen profession.

  I chose this picture because of the confusion of many varied pieces…each one useful at one time, but having outlived it’s original intention. Some creative soul took many man made ” useless” pieces and remade them into a “new ” item. Is that art? I am not sure, nor am I sure it is “beautiful” however, to me, it does speak of effort and of renovation , working with what one has to create a new thing.

  Barriers? Just in my own mind.


26 heartbeats before she could hear her own thoughts.

What was it that he said? She recounted in her head the number of times that he said he would be there, and now the message on her cell reflected another promise broken. The time was 4:26 and they were to have met for coffee half an hour ago to catch up on the days since they were last together. Her heart froze as she read his words, “working late, I have 126 emails to catch up on before the big meeting tomorrow”. She kicked off her shoes…they hurt her feet anyway,. Reaching for the soft afgan, she settled into the sofa with a sigh. She opened her book to page 226 to continue reading the science fiction book he had given her for her 26th birthday . She was sure they would have a animated conversation when next they spoke

Daily Prompt : Niceness

The statement of the day has to do with “nice”

         Having worked with children for many years, “nice” is a common term I used. I like the term “nice”. It is basic. We learn it as small children……”play nice”, “talk nice”, “sit nice” etc etc…   Nice is easy. Or is it?  

   Sunsets are nice. Manners are nice. how we treat others can be nice. I initially thought of nice things I do for others…actions that reflect niceness. However, after more thought….I want to say that what I think is just plain nice is this:  a smile. Just a smile. Think about it. As I share a smile with you, often it will spark one in return, and we both feel better for having shared a light moment .






I like easy. I like nice.

Daily prompt: Mirror Mirror

Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror

Look in the mirror. Does the person you see match the person you feel like on the inside? How much stock do you put in appearances?


This is quite the loaded topic. Many of us would SAY, “No I focus on the person, not the facade” however, I do see many people follow and appear to put weight on  appearance.

I grew up in the era of “freedom” and the “Natural look”. As a young woman, make up was of a more natural tone, verses the more vibrant color of today.  Hair styles for males and females was long and left to fall as it would. We did base our judgements on those who were “free” (in verbiage and choices) and those “more rigid” ( in demeanor and dress). I fell on the more conservative side of things, quiet and watchful.

   The teens, or newly single, children or professionals…. in the dating world, the classroom or the workplace, we are a people who, by our behavior, focus on external appearance. Having said that, I become aware of the tendency within me to do the same, in my work world as I deal with people in pain, with my children, when I used to struggle with their clothing and hair choices.

   Today my mirror shows me a middle aged lady…I wonder if the inner values I have held for years are reflected in my face, in the smile lines or inquisitive eyes (behind the glasses). I wonder if my inner person is reflected outward. As I age, I do think that some of those earlier judgements soften down as I grow in my understanding of the things that are truly of value:   having loved ones near, and  health. In the end of things, I feelImagecharacter speaks more loudly. I strive to reflect a woman of character as the days and weeks pass

Daily Prompt: future

My birth-day is in July, and I would have passed that momentous day. July, here in Washington, is beautiful…TIME TO TRAVEL. I will be working, but the weekends are mine for the planning, the adventure. I will be outside alot, going for walks on my breaks, planning picnics, camping trips and outdoor photo shoots. I love summer here…
  Washington is …well, ….green. We come by that honestly with the many forms of rain we are “privileged” to have. However, when the sun comes out…it is GLORIOUS… and we native Washingtonians take to the highways and bi-ways in great numbers to enjoy all the richness of the outdoors. I am a quieter one, but I quietly exult in the beauty surrounding me. So by the end of July, I will be gardening, camping, hiking, walking, picnicking…… may choices…Image

DP Blog of reputation

ImageThis is me. My reputation has been one of a quiet watcher. I suppose I am, underneath it all, I do watch to learn. I watch people and their mannerisms, to learn about them. I watch the scenery around me to allow my busy mind to relax, and to renew my spirit.

  More recently, I have become more of a participant in life, and I am so loving it. Part of a challenge I presented myself with, was begin photo blogging… I am actively learning photography, and blogging in this way.  Yes, I still watch, but it is from behind the camera lens,

DP:Daily Prompt

My fist encounter today was heard before being seen

It was minutes before dawn, in the half light of a new day. I hear gentle snoring of a loved one, and I felt the small feet of our dog becoming restless. In my sleep numbed mind. I heard the snoring slow, then stop as he turned over and adjusted the pillow. His breathing slowed, then returned to a quiet rhythm. His breath gently stirred my tousled hair next to my ear. I smiled sleepily. It is quiet joy. Saturday has begun

Daily Prompt/Page a day

When I saw the writing prompt, I felt hesitant….how do I show “people” without their permission?

I think of  sidewalk crowds on a sunny day  or county fairs with a full midway…wall to wall people. I suppose a heavy traffic day on a major city freeway might also count……

  My decision is to use a picture I picked up on the internet…anonymous people/shadows in the sand.

ImageFill in faces you love the most….